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The Ultimate
Robbing Screen

Discover the easiest to use and most versatile Robbing/Moving Screen available. Helps to maintain healthier and stronger hives by minimizing mite transmission.

Product Details

  • Dual Robbing Screen/Moving Screen.
  • Works with 8-frame or 10-frame equipment; removable sides.
  • Fits conventional bottom boards and Ultimate IPM Bottom Board.
  • Includes pins to fit Bee Smart IPM Bottom Board or act as bottom vent on conventional bottom boards
  • 2 independent entrances with separate gates to eliminate robbing.
  • Easy to grip gates latch ‘Open’ or ‘Closed’.
  • Top entrances for maximum access for house bees.
  • Ventilation holes patterned to keep robbers away from gates, control odors.
  • Easy installation; Mounts with push pins. No Tools.
  • Optional strap for simple, fast mounting.
  • No sharp edges or corners; Never needs painting.
  • Engineering grade Technopolymer for long life and durability.
  • Proudly ‘Made in USA’.
  • Patent Pending.

Helps Prevent Transmission of Mites, Part of An IPM Plan:

  • Prevents mite re-infection of treated hives.
  • Prevents bees picking up mites from crashing hives.
  • Prevents varroa bombs from infecting other hives.

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