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About Us

About Bee Smart Designs

Bee Smart Designs was started in 2011 with the premise that hobbyist beekeepers want easier to use products to maintain healthier hives with happier bees that produce more honey. Bee Smart Products are designed with sophisticated CAD software and 3D printing to create innovative molded products that offer features and benefits not available with conventional wood and metal products.

All Bee Smart products combine clean lines and ergonomic designs to create affordable and user-friendly products that simply work better and offer unmatched convenience. All products are ‘Made in USA’ in our state-of-the-art facility using lean manufacturing techniques to ensure product quality and quick delivery. As beekeepers, we are very concerned with the environment and use PBA-free recycled plastics wherever possible as part of an ongoing Lean and Green initiative.

From the introduction of our award winning Ultimate Hive Stand, our products have won acclaim throughout the industry and consistently receive great reviews on forums, dealer web sites and Amazon. Our innovative products continue to break new ground by addressing and solving both bee and beekeeper issues associated with older style conventional products.

Although we are a relatively new name in beekeeping, our products are creating a lot of buzz with users appreciating the extra effort we make in creating products that make it easier for them to enjoy their beekeeping hobby. All of our products are designed with both the bees and beekeeper in mind; they can be used alone or in combination thanks to our integrated systematic approach to product design.

Bee Smart Designs continues to follow its original goal of developing innovative and user-friendly products and is always open to hearing from customers in order to improve and develop new products.

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