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The Ultimate

Discover the only ergonomic multi-tool that grips, lifts and separates frames, wood or plastic, to make hive inspection faster and easier.

Product Details

  • Works with any sized frames: Wood or Plastic.
  • Ergonomic EZ-Grip™ handle is comfortable to hold and grip.
  • Hooks on gripper plates; keep frames from slipping
  • Large gripper plates hold frames securely
  • No metal to rust or seize; self-lubricating pivot pins
  • Internal stop prevents pinching hand when gripping
  • Handle stop keeps gripper from opening too wide
  • Soft acting stainless steel spring returns gripper to open position
  • Lightweight, but super strong and tough.
  • Engineering grade glass filled Technopolymer for long life and durability.
  • Proudly ‘Made in USA’
  • Patent Pending

True Multi-Tool

Grip it once and use it 3 ways:
  • Hook lifts ears of frame from rabbet in top of hive box
  • Blade separates frames
  • Gripper plate allows for easy lifting

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