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The Ultimate
Capping Slicer

Discover the most complete system for preparing honey frames for extraction - simple, clean, easy, affordable, safe and quick - works with any 5-gallon bucket.

Product Details

  • No lost honey.
  • Less honey need to rebuild comb.
  • Handles shallow and medium frames; wood or plastic
  • 12 slicing teeth glide through capping without missing cells.
  • Micro Etch finish on slicing blades to minimize sticking.
  • Only 3 passes for medium frames; wood or plastic.
  • Quick, Clean, Easy and Fast
  • Does not damage comb or create excessive wax.
  • Regular/Deep slicer teeth option
  • Side guides to control depth of slice.
  • Built in Blade with Wedge at back end to separate frames.
  • Handle keeps slicing teeth above table when not in use.
  • Proudly ‘Designed, Engineered and Made in USA’.
  • Patent Pending.

Simple Operation:

  • Tool stays in hand; no putting down or picking up
  • Use blade to separate frames.
  • Lift frame with tool in hand.
  • Place frame in Frame Holder
  • Slice cappings both sides.
  • Put in extractor.

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