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The Ultimate
Bottom Board

US PATENT NO. 10,856,531

Discover the most versatile, user friendly, easy to use, modular Universal IPM Bottom Board System with everything you need to keep healthier and happier bees.

*Ultimate Hive Stand sold separately

Product Details

  • Standard model is 10-frame, with optional 8-frame adapters.
  • Includes 4-reversible Entrance Reducer/Mouse Guard for 3 openings
  • Entrance Reducers allows for ventilation when moving bees
  • Security pins keeps boxes from moving.
  • Includes slide out inspection board.
  • Self-draining design prevents build up of water.
  • Rounded inner corners restrict hiding places for Small Hive Beetles.
  • Textured and angled landing board for drainage and easier landing.
  • Optional ventilated winter board minimizes drafts and controls humidity.
  • Includes 2-way notches to hold hive straps for hassle free moving.
  • Virtually indestructable
  • Never needs painting
  • ‘Ready 2 Use’
  • ‘Made in USA’, completely recyclable.
  • US PATENT NO. 10,856,531

3 Hive Openings Allow For Maximum Versatility

Use in any combination:
  • Full Open
  • Mouse guard
  • Entrance reducer

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